Google Syntax: tips for getting the most out of your search


    1. How would you search for an exact word or phrase?
      “french press”
      Enclose the  word or phrase in double quotations to search for a specific string of words.
    2. How would you search for something on a specific site?
      bohemian site:
      To search for specific text on a site enter your search content followed by “site: _____”
    3. How would you correctly search for a definition?
      define: debonaire
      Enter “define:” followed by the word you would like defined.
    4. How would you search for a specific product available within a specific price range?
      Cards Against Humanity $15..$25
      Separate numbers with two periods (..) to find results within a specific range, such as price, date and measurement. Use only one number with two periods to indicate a minimum or maximum, ex., “camera ..$500”.
    5. How would you search for a specific filetype?
      filetype:epub eat pray love
      Enter “filetype:” followed by a file type to search for matching keywords within that specific file type.
    6. How would you include or ignore words in your search?
      cloud -apple
      Use a minus sign (-)  before a word to exclude it from your search.
    7. How would you find related pages
      Use “related:” before a URL to search for websites with related content.
    8. How would you find a topic, searching all available synonyms of a word?
      home ~decor
      Use the “~” symbol before a word to find pages with the exact word, or words with the same meaning.
    9. How would you find the time in another country?
      time Italy
      Enter “time” followed by a country or city to generate the local time for that place.
    10. How would you find out how many Egyptian pounds you get for $20 Canadian dollars?
      20CAD in Egyptian Pounds
      Enter the  starting currency amount followed by “in” and then the desired currency. 



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